Welcome to my website! The purpose of this site is simple:

1: To promote my books:

The Story Of Rock and Soul Music: Album Reviews and Lists

Greatest Underrated Guitar Solos

P.S. The revised and expanded 6th Edition of my main book was published on April 19, 2020.

Book Cover & Blurb Amazon.png

This book was originally published in June 2017 but has been revised and expanded since then (the latest Sixth Edition was published in April 2020). For details about the revised editions and how to download the book, click here.

2: To promote my podcast about music: Music Nerds Unite

3: To write about songs. For those who don’t know, I had an old website called “Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews” that focused primarily on album reviews, some of which formed the basis of my book. I deleted the website upon publishing my book so there would be a single source of truth (plus I’ve grown to really like the ebook format). With streaming services and playlists all the rage, the single is again king, so this website focuses more on songs than albums. For various song-based articles and lists, click here. For the Song Of The Week feature, click here.

4: To write about other stuff, both music related and about other topics, such as a sports blog.

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