This is the landing page where I’ll link off to various articles and lists.

Music Articles and Lists

To start, I posted some of my favorite youtube video clips of live music performances.

I also put together a “100 greatest underrated guitar solos” list with descriptions that I hope people will enjoy. (This original article has since been expanded and published as a short ebook on here: Greatest Underrated Guitar Solos.)

On this page I take albums that are too long and make them better: Rock Albums Reimagined

Best Concerts I’ve Attended (1983-2018)

Best Album For Each Year (1960-2017)

Artist Album Rankings

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Snubbed Members

Greatest Rock and Soul Vocal Performances

10 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Of All-Time

20 Rock Songs with Great Drumming (guest feature on Aphoristic Album Reviews)

300 Greatest Rock Guitarists

200 Greatest Rock Drummers

Movie and TV Lists

Game Of Thrones

100 Favorite Movies

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